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Professional Oral Hygiene and Tooth Whitening

For scaling we have the latest equipment from the Swiss EMS company. Our equipment includes PIEZON MASTER 600 ultrasonic unit with various tips that make it possible to work on the most out-of-reach tooth surfaces and AIRFLOW sandblaster that removes the calculus and the smoker's calculus while polishing the tooth surface.
Besides that, our doctors also use chemical whitening means effective up to several shades of bleaching. The whitening systems we use are Opalescence by Ultradent and Illuminé by Dentsply.
Most people wish to have a dazzling white smile. Yet, the nature gave beautiful white teeth only to a small percentage of people.
Until recently, we were able to offer our clients professional cleaning to remove dental deposits, and then focus them on strict maintenance of personal hygiene. Unfortunately, both of these methods could not bring the desired result and considerably whiten the patient's pigmented teeth.
Now we are fully equipped with various means of chemical teeth whitening. Hydrogen peroxide ensures the best bleaching effect and therefore is used by all manufacturers as the main active ingredient in all whitening products.
There are two ways of hydrogen peroxide clinical use for teeth whitening:

Controlled (requires individual application trays) and non-controlled (using standard trays).

Whitening at the dental office: mechanical and non-mechanical.
For whitening of devitalized teeth can be performed inside the crown (internal) and outside the crown (external); vital teeth are bleached externally.
For in-office and at-home whitening at our clinic we use Illuminé system by Dentsply (chemical whitening), Opalescence system by Ultradent (chemical whitening), Opalustre by Ultradent (mechanical whitening).
The choice of using the variations of Illuminé system is up to you, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. We offer the following options of clinical use:
  • One-time use of Illuminé office for one hour.
  • Three-times (maximum possible) application of Illuminé office for one hour with an interval of approximately one week.
  • One-time use of Illuminé office for one hour with consequent use of home whitening system containing 10% or 15% carbamide peroxide for a time stated in instruction (2 to 2.5 weeks)
  • Application of one of the Illuminé home systems only during 2 to 2.5 weeks.
Opalescence system, like Illuminé system, is used both in dental offices and at home under the guidance and supervision of a dentist.
Opalustre is a suspension for chemical and mechanical microabrasive treatment, containing 6.6% hydrochloric acid and silicon carbide particles in a water-soluble paste. Opalustre is intended for the correction of white, brown or microcolored enamel surface defects at the depth of less than 0.2 mm. The cause of these defects is fluorosis. Opalustre is intended for use in dental offices only. It is a more aggressive approach for eliminating the defects that regular whitening was unable to cope with.


Shown below are the results of whitening performed at our clinic:

Whitening of canine teeth


Whitening of lower teeth