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Regular training of the health practitioners at our clinic (in-house seminars for doctors and senior medical personnel), as well as external seminars in Ukraine and abroad help the professionalism of our staff to grow.


All the shots are called by the head of the family and the Director of the clinic DOBROSKOK LILIANA ALEKSEYEVNA. Dentist of Highest Category with an enormous experience. She was one of the first in Kyiv to graduate S. Radlinsky courses, mastered the techniques for complete arch restoration and the manufacturing of bridge constructions using materials by Dentsply. A high-class specialist in endodontic works. Demanding to herself, to the quality of her own work and the work of the personnel. She creates a home-like, warm and informal atmosphere while working with the patients. Many of them are whole families and the relations between patients and personnel often turn into friendship.


Our clinic boasts the dentist of Highest Category, winner of the Ukrainian semi-finals of PRISMA CHAMPIONSHIP of 2001, participant of international competitions in the art of dental restoration, BOIKO LYUDMILA STANISLAVOVNA – the Head Physician of the clinic. Dentsply Corporation certified trainer.
She graduated from O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University in 1998. Dentist of Highest Category. She manages therapeutic (endodontic treatment – she can cope with any canal, making adhesive bridges without trimming down the tooth in one visit) and orthopedic cases (microprosthetics). She performs the most complicated restorations. She gives people happy Hollywood smiles. She also does teeth whitening. She treats periodontitis successfully and has more than 60 certificates.

Our site has a large collection of photos with works performed by Boiko L.S


DOBROSKOK YELENA BORISOVNA. Dentist of Highest Category________. Graduated from Moscow Dentistry Institute with honors in 1991. She professionally performs restoration and endodontic works, makes bridges without trimming down neighboring teeth in one visit, carries out therapy of any level of complexity. She treats periodontitis successfully and does teeth whitening. Has more than 50 certificates.



Experienced Dental Orthopedist of Highest Category.
He graduated from O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University in 1984.

He performs all kinds of orthopedic works, such as constructions of porcelain fused to metal, no-metal porcelain, implant prosthetics, all kinds of removable dentures.


Our helpers – experienced assistants – are very professional. They love their work and are highly responsible, providing patients with thoughtful care.

Our receptionists, Nataliia and Vita, will warmly welcome you as hospitable hostesses, hear your needs, answer your questions and gladly provide you with any information on our dental works.