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All offices at our clinic are equipped with "DENTSPLY SIRONA — Intego" treatment centers by Siemens (Germany) characterized by the German high quality, safety of operation, immaculate workplace design, reliability and ergonomics.

The instrument holder carries light-weight titanium alloy handpieces with lighting and water-cooling that make the visit to the dentist safe and pain-free.

Digital Radiography in Endodontic Practice

Virtually instant high-quality images, simple application and a good software package are the considerable advantages that digital radiography offers a dentist during such sophisticated procedures as endodontic ones.

One of the crucial advantages that digital radiography offers is the significant reduction of radiation necessary to obtain a quality image.

Each root canal treatment requires at least three images: before, during (to confirm the working length) and after the treatment. Thanks to high sensitivity of the detector, exposition time required for high-quality imaging is very short. Software allows to adjust brightness and contrast, eliminating the necessity of repeat shots caused by over- or underexposure.

For computerized radiological diagnostics we use one of the best in the world TROPHY radiovisiography unit (France) and VARIO x-ray machine (Sirona, Germany).



Microscope is an indispensable instrument in all modern dentistry procedures.  With the help of a microscope the doctor can have a more detailed view of a projection edge, the fit quality of a crown, veneer or inlay, the quality of restoration surface preparation, the microscope makes it possible to detect the root canal orifices and control the quality of their preparation, reveal cracks and other pathologies. The treatment process can be recorded on camera and saved electronically.




Photo Recording and Quality Control

Before, during and upon completion of treatment the dentists of our clinic use digital cameras and magnifying optics (binoculars with 4.3x magnification).

This allows for documenting all the work stages, analyzing and improving the final result.


Antiseptics. Disinfection. Hygiene.

Disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning of instruments is performed at our clinic using the solutions by BODE (Germany) certified in Ukraine and permitted by sanitary-and-epidemiological control service: Korsolex extra, Sterillium, Bacillol, Mikrobac.

Individually wrapped instruments are sterilized in TAU CLAVE 3000 (Italy) steam sterilizer at 134°C under high pressure. Individually wrapped tools remain sterile for up to six months.

To maintain sterility we also use ULTRAVIOL ultraviolet sterilizers.