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How to Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy

 Healthy teeth are not a mere gift from above. If the nature gave them to us, it does not mean we should not do anything to keep them healthy as long as possible. Let's start with what we eat. Our diet should be balanced, it should contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for tooth tissue regeneration. By keeping a balanced diet we make an essential contribution to the protection of our teeth. You and your children should eat more dairy products, bakery made of coarse flour, vegetables, especially raw ones, and two or three times a week – sea fish.

Quite indispensable for teeth growth and preservation are such elements as calcium, fluorine, as well as vitamin D.

Plants that are the champions of calcium content: birch, pomegranate, strawberry, viburnum, cabbage, figs, lemons, soy, dill, hips.

Vitamin D is contained in certain foods, primarily in sea fish, still, it is also developed by organism itself.

Phosphorus is an active participant of metabolism; it is contained in rye bread, nuts, beans, peas, eggs, fish, fat cottage cheese, as well as in such plants as buckwheat, ginseng, strawberry, figs, cabbage, potatoes, lemons, onions, carrots, laminaria, parsley, black chokeberry, beets, dill, beans, horseradish, tea, mulberry, hips and apples.

The diet often affects the caries incidence. People eating natural foods suffer from caries less often. It is established that carbohydrate food often sticks to the teeth surfaces and becomes a sort of nutrient medium for bacteria.


 Complex Dental Diseases Prevention System for Children and Adults

In order to improve your teeth enamel structure, increase its strength 10 times, reduce the probability of secondary caries, normalize the condition of mouth and gums surface, our clinic offers a complex of caries prevention.

The complex includes:

  • Professional scaling of teeth.
  • Application of fluoride gel on the teeth.
  • Fluoride mouth rinse (applied twice a week at home).