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Grateful for our work, one of the patients made us a present of her photos with the new smile.  Here is a video clip based on these pictures.

With all my heart I would like to thank Doctor Boiko Lyudmila Stanislavovna for the work done. It is the only Doctor who took up my case without extracting the roots in healthy teeth. Lyudmila Stanislavovna very successfully and professionally chose the treatment strategy with the participation of surgeon and orthopedist. I am amazed at the very thorough and demanding attitude to work. And, most importantly, Lyudmila Stanislavovna loves people and treats each one as a person. Thank You, Doctor!!! Success and prosperity to you!!!
P.S. Professional, loves her work dearly, a sunny soul!!!

My greatest thanks to wonderful Yelena Borisovna and charming Elia for attention, care, humaneness and first-class treatment!!! I should never have thought that treatment at a dentist office could turn out really pleasant!!!Thank you for listening to me and answering all my questions. Thank you for meeting me halfway in all administrative issues and for giving me the gift of hope!!!
Yelena Borisovna has won my heart. It seems to me that for the first time in my life I have found "my doctor".
Sincerely, Moskovskaya O.G.

I would like to thank the whole personnel of LILIYA ESTET with all my heart for professionalism and warm attitude towards patients. I would like to give special thanks to Lyudmila Stanislavovna for my astounding smile, which now gives joy not only to me, but also to the people around me… I thank you for saving me from so many inhibitions.
Lyudmila Stanislavovna, thank you ever so so much!!! I may be repeating myself, but you are a genius!!!
Bekeshko V.A.

I would like to thank and express my admiration to Boiko Lyudmila Stanislavovna! I was not merely satisfied with the result, it exceeded all my expectations!!! Although the work is done, there is always room for improvement. I am so fascinated with the work that I am thinking of continuing the treatment. I started with the restoration of front teeth and it seems to me I will stop when the seventh teeth are done :) It is as if I get to a plastic surgeon, I just do not want to stop. I have recommended Lyudmila Stanislavovna to all my acquaintances.
Shcherban A.V.

Many thanks to all the personnel!!! Top specialists, wonderful people with very thoughtful and professional attitude towards patients. They are always ready to help at any time! I am very grateful to the attending doctors for their necessary work, for being so understanding, kind, willing to help!  The whole atmosphere of LILIYA is wonderful and kind. I thank Lyudmila Stanislavovna, Yelena Borisovna, Yevgeny Anatoliyevich, nurses, receptionists. Health and success to all of you!!!
With best regards, Semenyaga L.N.

I am very grateful to the wonderful team for their work, for their magic hands. At Liliya dental clinic, lilies do bloom and flourish… My great personal thanks to Liliana Alekseyevna, Lyudmila Stanislavovna, Yelena Borisovna, Lyubov Mykolayivna!!!
When you meet your team once, the feeling is you know each other for many years.
I wish you all success, health, inspiration, love!!!
Korovkina N.V.

Great thanks to Lyudmila Stanislavovna and all the personnel at Liliya clinic for saving the teeth, wonderful attitude and cordial atmosphere!!!
Thank you for the care and kindness, for the feeling of joy when seeing a doctor!!!
I wish you love, success and prosperity!!!!
Yu. Remezenko
P.S. Thank you for being there for us!!!

I would like to express my gratitude to the doctors of LILIYA dental clinic, especially to Lyudmila Stanislavovna.
Very good attitude, work carefully done with very good materials. Qualified doctors work according to the newest technologies. I am glad I got to this very clinic and from now on I'll turn only to LILIYA and advise (even strongly recommend) it to all my acquaintances.
Kolot T.V.